Robbed By Ignorance

An Awakening Discovery Story

Have you ever wondered why life seems like a vicious, dull cycle of repeated ups and downs?

Do you consistently have the question “What is the meaning of life and purpose” battling in your mind?

Have you thought… “What can I do with my life?

Did that thought make you feel lost, anxious, constantly confused, and depressed?

Do you think when you get to college or university, it will all figure itself out?

Shockingly, I thought of these questions and felt those same feelings. When I would lay in my bed at night the question:

What is the true meaning of life

This question would pop up in my mind as a constant thought.

But right now, I am here to inform you that there was only one thing that triggered the questions.

You would never guess!!!

It’s Ignorance!

Yes! I know this word is not a word we usually like to hear. It is more of a word that makes people feel mad, insulted, and shameful when mentioned or heard.

But first, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty to define what Ignorance is:

Ignorance is a LACK of knowledge and information. It also states the person can be UNAWARE, unknowledgeable, or inexperienced about a particular thing.

For example, not KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE in life.

Going about life without having a clue as to what it truly means.

It can also be you volunteering not to learn about yourself

And remaining content with what you think you know about life.

In my case, it explains why I felt cheated at life, frustrated, and defeated in existing in whatever I was doing I felt as if I was not advancing in life.

Plain and simple.

Later in my adulthood, I began to ask myself, “how did I get here? Why am I not moving forward purposefully?

Isn’t life supposed to be a gift?  

The LACK of reflecting any knowledge of who I am, why I am here, or what I could do was non-existed to me.  

Ignorance became a silently hidden creeper.

It snuck up on me, and in my eyes, it made me a victim of confusion, constant experimenting, and guessing in life. 

It permitted me to be a victim in believing I was nothing and not good enough; therefore, I played victim-minded and remained unaware throughout my adulthood.

But right now, being unaware, oblivious, and inexperienced with not knowing your purpose in life, does not have to be your status quo.

The questions mentioned above can be answered, and life can be fulfilling and significant.

So let me cut to the chase…

Being unaware can simply be solved by learning more about yourself and becoming aware of what you can DO and gaining new insights into what your life can BE.

You can turn Ignorance into a great motivator of CHANGE and BECOME more aware of great things presently awaiting to be released within you.

This book will share practical ideas and guided exercises that I have learned from mentors and books I have read that inspired me along my journey. If applied, it will help you discover a life hidden within which is worth finding.

Some will remain content in not knowing what life means,

and others like myself will arise from the ashes to remove the long-overdue cover of Ignorance and move into a life worth living.

As I stated before, I am all about changing the status quo to uncover a new way of thinking.

Let’s do it together, see you in the next post!

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