A Paradigm Shift With A Divine Interruption-Part 3


The Book of Proverbs 

On a relaxing summer day, I was hanging out with friends, and we were going down memory lane into our childhood, and the subject of faith came up. We began to talk about God and how life was a gift.

This conversation struck a chord deep inside; life never felt like a gift from all the disappointment, frustration, and setbacks I was facing.

But at that moment, I realized something significant. I needed to go back to the one Source I have neglected and failed to acknowledge since childhood.

The most powerful being in the whole universe—the Creator.

So, I began my spiritual journey…

Renewing my mind with the Ideas of faith, which led me to reconnect with my Source.

Along that journey of growing spiritually, I found a wise leader in the faith. His name was Dr. Myles Munroe, and he became a mentor to me by reading his books and listening to his inspirational teachings.

The principles he taught inspired me and changed my life.

At first, it took some time to understand his style of teaching because I never experienced anyone teaching God’s Holy scriptures this way by referring to them as principles.

But I kept listening and gradually started to grasp his teachings. 

After reading several of his books, a paradigm shift occurred in my thinking.

 I could see a greater possibility of understanding who I am and why I was born.

It allowed me to reflect deep down inside and moved me in the direction of soul searching-in other words, self-discovery.

The awakening came through the teachings on the topics of PURPOSE and POTENTIAL

This became my bread and butter; there was nothing else I wanted to listen to at that time because I felt this was it!

This was the information I desperately needed and it was given to me.

For this very reason, is why am writing this blog to impart it to you.

The Teaching Was Like…

A key unlocking a hidden door to the lack of understanding, I faced about life

which in return allowed me to be more receptive to learning the ways of life spiritually, mentally, and physically that I never knew were possible.

Starting my Journey…

I continued to be a diligent student and was inspired by Dr. Munroe’s YouTube videos; I stumbled upon another video with him and a lady that piqued my interest.

The video was a summit that feature a woman named Trista Sue. She was teaching about business principles and how she became a success as a businesswoman. I could tell she, too, was impacted by Dr. Munroe’s leadership.

I became so excited!

The message she was teaching kept intriguing me because I also wanted to know what it was like to be a businesswoman; I just did not know where to start.  

Gradually, over time being a steadfast observer, I started to see a pattern of others who have been under Dr. Munroe’s effective mentoring and leadership.

They were becoming successful at what they have discovered within themselves from the teaching he taught, it was a total paradigm shift for them as well. The knowledge changed them for the greater good, and I desired that within myself.

An opportunity came around to be mentored…

I never heard of anything like this before, but after observing and learning from the teachings I desired this change so I enrolled in the online mentorship program and made myself ready to be taught by Dr. Munroe’s mentee Trista Sue Kragh.

It so happens to be, around the same time I was pregnant with my second son. So, while I was eagerly waiting for my little guy to come, I also was eagerly awaiting the date to begin the online virtual mentorship program.

You see, I am sharing this because no man is an island to themselves. Especially teens. I learned late in the journey that having a mentor can be incredibly helpful in guiding you through your self-discovery.

Mentors can provide insight and advice to help you see things from a different perspective and challenge you to think in new ways. I highly recommend you find a mentor that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Knowing that my self-discovery process was continuing with mentors, I trusted that everything would come together so I would finally experience true meaning moving forward.

Thanks for reading My Story up until this point there is more to come…

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