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The Beginner’s Guide to Finding Your Purpose

Wherever purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable – Dr. Myles Munroe 

Jesse was at his wit’s end.

He was about to make a permanent decision (suicide) from a  temporary problem. (His girl leaving him)

Why even bother to live? Jesse thought.

He felt ashamed, embarrassed, rejected, and confused. Maybe life really is a waste of time. He thought.

As negative thoughts continued to plague his mind. He began to think about his life.

What’s the use if Sarah doesn’t want him then who will?

He reflected on all the things he did with Sarah, how he treated her kindly, showed respect, and gave her much-needed love and attention.

All of those gestures are what he saw his father do to his mom.

He began to question himself. Why would Sarah leave him for another guy?

What did he do wrong? Jesse slammed the table with his fist.

He grabs the pill bottle he had found in his mother’s medicine cabinet.

As he stared down at the bottle, several tears dropped from his hand.

He proceeded to unscrew the bottle’s cap. 

Finding Yourself Finding purpose

Now, what’s wrong with Jesse’s story? Jesse, please don’t end your precious valuable life for one girl! Is not life supposed to be a gift?

Isn’t there plenty of other fishes in the sea, as the saying goes?

Let’s redirect our thinking…think about it this way…

There are some people who you are to meet that can be helped by you through impacting them with your gifts or talents.

What about that invention or project you’re supposed to create so it can be used and distributed throughout human history?

Life is about understanding your design as a human, finding purpose, and having a sense of meaning.

Do you think Jesse would end everything if he knew his purpose was to find a cure for cancer or to be the next humanitarian?


What is Purpose?

Purpose defines why you were born.

Your purpose is the reason for which you were created and the gateway to your fulfillment in life.

When you answered the Purpose Indicator questions you begin shifting your mindset toward finding the most significate thing you could ever do for yourself.

Your purpose is the original, unique ideas to identify you, and it also fills in that inner emptiness. It gives direction to the directionless and an aim to the aimless. the original, unique ideas to identify you.  

Purpose makes you wake up every morning with a passion to succeed at completing a certain task for the day.

Purpose also protects you from wasting your precious time on the wrong things.

Everyone has a purpose to fulfill no matter their culture, race, or economic status, there is a more meaningful life waiting on you to find and live out through purpose.

Even if Jesse’s girlfriend left him for another guy all is well he still got a purpose to fulfill it never left him.

Jesse’s solution to this temporary problem is to reevaluate his choices and redirect his attention back to what matters the most. Discovery HIMSELF

Focusing on yourself is not a conceited thing but rather an exhilarating thing. Having the awareness and confidence in knowing who you are can allow you to contribute to the world and make a difference.

How To Pinpoint Purpose

a post it note with the message thought-provoking questions

To find purpose you need a great foundation of the right thought-provoking questions that trigger your thought process to redirect your thinking to find it.

Let’s take action!

First, find a quiet place to sit and think, where there is no distraction. Grab a sheet of paper or a journal and take notes on what first comes to mind as you answer the questions. There are no wrong answers.

All answers are unique to you, so keep an open mind.


What is your Deepest Desire?

  • Think about the deep-seated desiring things you want to do most in life. Not just a general passing interest.


What are your passions?

  • Think about things you simply must do or what energizes and lights you up.


What makes you angry?

  • Think about things that you consider unjust or unsatisfactory

There you have it!

A starting point to the right direction of pinpointing your purpose. Don’t lose focus!

If you feel ready to take the next step and go the extra mile for your life’s purpose continue the process here and finish what you started!

Let’s make it happen!

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