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The Five Most Important Questions of Life

Hey Friends! Thanks for popping in.

Today I want to share an essential part of my journey that shapes my directions, motivates my actions and empowers my path every day.

But before I jump in, I want to make this clear that I am not imposing my beliefs on anyone, but I am purely sharing the five questions that deeply impacted my understanding of life and purpose. 

The Five Questions are:

A paradigm shift

Hearing the five questions from my mentor for the first time; gave me a paradigm shift in my thinking.

At that pivotal moment, I was soul-searching and longing for answers

To the failed attempts of living out my adulthood as I knew it.

For me, this was an eye-opening, ah-ah moment,

Where the light bulb came over my head, and my burning questions got answered.

What I believed back then is what most people still do now; we solely connect with these questions by our known environments and cultures.

Let‘s look at the questions from a fresh perspective and connect the dots to understand

More clearly, what that progress looks like in your self-discovery.

Who am I? 

This question has to do with your Identity. 

First, let’s define Identity courtesy of Merrian-Webster,

The distinguishing character or personality of an individual; individuality.

For instance, I have learned that Identity comes from the One who created and formed humanity.

The Creator’s intrinsic nature was drawn out and given to humanity to live and replicate his distinguishing character.

This fresh perspective opened my understanding and allowed me to become more aware of who originated me and who sourced me.

We all can relate to thinking our identity is from our nationality, material things or where we grew up.

As human beings living on this planet, we may adapt to certain things and claim it to be our identity.

Just know your unique individual qualities are similar to the Originator 😉

The fact is we utilize our qualities in many ways due to each one has different personality traits and talents, revealing how vast our identity is.

Lacking the understanding of Identity

In my past, my beliefs of Identity came from my background (culture), my friends and the type of clothes I would wear.

Yes, clothes!

I know this sounds funny, but yes, I took wearing brand name clothes very highly.

Case in point, I would imitate others by wearing the same clothes and jewelry they would wear and acted like them in the same matter as to how they conducted them-self.

A lot of youths nowadays take their identity from the people they hang out with, silently wishing to be like them somehow and eventually becoming like what the other friends want them to be;

Why? You Ask!

Because they have not yet discovered their unique, irreplaceable identity WHICH IS knowing your true self.

They think it’s cool to be like a person who is liked by many and, in return, imitate them for this attention.

Why not be you? Your true authentic, unique self.

These examples I mention above are the trends and mannerism you’ll take on to feel complete.

If you don’t discover yourself, you will no doubt reflect other people’s behaviors and attitudes.

I hope now you can clearly see what I am talking about with imitating someone else’s identity.

So, decide today to be you ; your authentic self

Take action now

Answer this question: “Who shall I be or What shall I become?

Also, have you taken on someone else’s identity without knowing?

Leave your response below

In the next post, I will continue with the following question Where Am I from, and Why was I born?

See you there!

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