8 Tips to Increasing Self-Awareness

Teens today are under more pressure than ever before they are juggling school, extracurricular activities and social media while trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do with their life.

It is more important than ever for teens to have a strong foundation of life skills especially if you came from a background where your parents may not have taught you these things.

From communicating effectively, to managing time wisely, to discovering who you are.

These skills are critical for success in every area of life. It is no wonder many teens feel overwhelmed, stressed out and have anxiety about the future.

The good news is there are things you can do to ease the pressure and learn how to maneuver through life  and in my book Life Skills for Teens 7 Practical Skills Every teen should know it’s a great way to guide you to live an empowered and  independent life.

You might be thinking…

But trust me when I say this…

By investing time and effort in developing these essential skills, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the challenges of life and achieve your goals with greater ease.

7 Practical Skills

In the book Life skills for teens there are 7 practical skills listed:

  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal and Intra-personal skills
  • Self-Discovery
  • Creative Thinking
  • Time -Management
  • Decision Making
  • Leadership Abilities

However today in this post we will be discussing the 8 tips to become more aware of yourself and the next post will be on Leadership Abilities.

 But First, let me ask you this…

 How well do you know yourself? 

What change do you want to see in your life?

 Who do you want to become?

These are important questions to ask yourself. Many people go through life without ever taking the time to explore who they are and what makes them whole, separate and unique.

There is a quote that speaks volumes and it was said by a philosopher named Socrates To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.

 Isn’t this a powerful truth?

In other words, if you don’t know who you are then how can you make wise decisions?

I believe teens and young adults like yourself  benefit greatly when you do self-discovery.

Self discovery is vital because it allows you  to uncover your talents, gifts, strengths and abilities it also helps you figure out what you are passionate about and gives you a sense of identity which in turn uncovers your purpose and ignite a sense of leadership.  

The 8 Tips

Here’s your first action steps: I’m going to share 8 quick tips to get you started on your journey of increasing self-awareness. Excerpt from the book “Life Skills for Teens: 7 Practical Skills Every Teen Should Know 

1. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings

2. Take time for self-reflection

3. Get to know your characteristics and your personality type

4. Become familiar with your tendencies

5. Explore your emotions

6. Connect with your inner voice (intuition)

7. Be brutally honest with yourself

8. Be patient and keep an open mind

If you prefer to watch the video for this post to get the full explanation of each of these tips click the video…

That’s it for now, I’ll see ya in the next post! 🙂

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