How To Identify The Consequences of Self-Discovery Part 2

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First, let’s recap what I was talking about in the last post, which were the three examples of consequences I faced, not doing personal development at a young age. 

  •  a lack of time to discover myself
  •  moving from job to job, not feeling fulfilled
  •  never pursuing the state of singleness

Is singleness a word?


Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as the quality or state of being single. 

Let’s not confuse being single as only meaning “being alone” but being separate, unique, and a whole person who knows who they are and where they’re going.

To expand on the word for meaning, here are some synonyms

Separate: to set or keep apart; to make a distinction between 

Unique: original, distinctive, exclusive, and the only one of its kind

Whole: seemingly complete or mentally or emotionally sound

In other words, the definitions are refocusing on what being single means in terms of self-awareness and personal growth.

Re-examining my understanding of singleness

When I reflected on why I never pursued singleness or embraced it as a sensible way to remain focused on discovering myself, it was due to a wrong mindset. 

Being single in society is like a curse; no one wants to be singled out or inadequate.

But if we were to THINK in terms of personal growth and awareness, our focus would benefit us and not distract us.

This misguided way of thinking led me to believe that being in a relationship with the opposite sex is way more important than personal development or what I like to call “becoming yourself.”

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Since I wasn’t in the right mindset of being an individual with full awareness of my uniqueness, talents, and abilities from a young age, I couldn’t see myself as a unique, worthy individual capable of doing great things.

As a result of this cycle of thinking, it affected my confidence level of myself; it made me think I had to depend upon other people’s opinions of who they thought I was or the need to feel complete from a relationship.

But most importantly, I suffered from a lack of self-reliance. I never believed in my capabilities or my potential as a young person. 

Fast forward to now

I’ve learned as I journeyed into self-discovery that having somebody to believe in you, motivate you, and willingly guide you with principles and knowledge can and will differently change the direction of your life once you apply the information.

I hope what I shared gives you a more open view of why Self-discovery is a super vital adventure to embark on at a young age. 

I love quotes, so here are two of my favorites:

The greatest discovery in life is selfdiscovery. Until you find yourself, you will always be someone else. Become yourself. Dr. Myles Munroe

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

Take action now:

Ponder this question and share your response below.

Are you pursuing self-discovery?

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