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How To Identify The Consequences of Self-Discovery

Hey, welcome back!

Thanks for taking that leap with me

I want to share a little more about what it means to embark on self-discovery and some consequences.

Let’s define what Self Discovery means; according to Merriam-Webster, it is the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and desires.

Another definition states it is a method of acquiring insights into one’s character.

So, if you are acquiring an understanding of your abilities and life, it sounds like it will take a bit of time.

Time = Life

Timing for your Discoveries 

Self-discovery is an essential piece of the puzzle to life’s path and time not being wasted doing things unintentionally.

To a young person, self-discovery could mean you are identifying your hopes, dreams, personality, and capabilities.

The whole idea of embarking on self-discovery wasn’t an option for me; it never crossed my mind.

I experienced it the hard way, by experimenting with my choices and living blindly.

My choices lead me down a trail of confusion, heart arch, and frustration.

Most importantly, I knew deep down inside; I wanted to be successful and fulfilled.

Let me get right to the point. Discover yourself NOW!

Don’t waste any more time. Start adding value to yourself.

Meaning adding value to yourself by discovering your abilities and refining them to a status of competence.


One of my biggest regret as a young person was not recognizing that time used wisely is everything.

I used my time to work as a part-time server at a Deli-shop,

Instead of considering my hopes and dreams for my future.

Yes, the job did help me gain some skill sets, and I brought whatever I wanted but not the significance that I desire.

I could have been focusing on refining and developing my abilities

So, I could do what I wanted to do during this precious time.

Often, young people don’t take the time to discover their hidden treasures, which are lying dormant and hidden within them; this is the result of not being told about them.

So, I am telling you now; YOU HAVE A HIDDEN TREASURE INSIDE.

The hidden value that I am talking about is the unused, unaware ability, which is potential.

What I realized over time

Society has played an enormous role in conditioning young people to believe they are to wing it.

Do whatever they want, or have no interest in life but to shop and seek celebrities.

Time is a precious commodity and as I mention before discovering, refining, and enhancing your capabilities as a youth is way more important.

Getting your priorities straight about who you are to become allows you to cultivate a plan of action like a road map on things that are important to you and your future.

What you can do is, start taking your mind off the less essential elements of life-like material things, or popularity clubs and turn your attention inward to your thoughts, which is where your ideas and desires reside.

These, my friends, are the starting point of your journey.

My last statement was a bit harsh but in all truth and honesty

When will you have a turning point for change to happen? Or when will the maturity level of responsibility reflect in your actions?

Life can be hard.

But it doesn’t have to be this way if you know what to do.

As I was saying, Young people ( like yourself) have an ample amount of free time, energy, and no responsibility. ( except the responsibility to take care of oneself) to sort out their future.

Consequences for late Discoveries 

Starting late (way late) in my journey to self-discovery allowed me to uncover these three examples of why personal development must begin at a young age.

  • A lack of time to discover 
  • Moving from job to job, not feeling fulfilled  
  • Never pursued the state of singleness

The lack of time

The lack of time was a result of my responsibilities as a wife and a mother.

As you can imagine, my hands are full, and my time to seek out and discover my inner awesomeness becomes limited.

My free time is used for cleaning, cooking, and homeschooling my boys.

I found it hard to balance my own time with family time but spending time with my family is super important. To sum it all up, my time to do anything for myself was minimal.

Having a family is a blessing; don’t get me wrong. I value each one of mine.

However, starting late in the journey was clearly more challenging during this season of adulthood.

What I am trying to say is use your time wisely to discover yourself and have a starting point or foundation of being a young person on a mission to uncover the wealth of potential inside of you.

Free time will always be available for you during this time, so build a healthy life path with a proper foundation for your growth.

Moving from job to job

Moving from job to job describes the cycle of being in a position for all the wrong reasons and trying to figure out if this job is the right fit for me.

In my experience, this example had a significant effect on my journey into adulthood.

As a result, I am passionate about sharing this example because whatever path you decide to take after Highschool weights heavily on you knowing thy self

I, too, followed the crowd and chose jobs to either make more money to buy expensive things or to make ends meet.

Case in point, why I was moving from the positions so many times.

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Having this mindset showed a lack of awareness of why I am here on earth and where I was going in life.

Here’s where I gained a fresh new perspective on what a job means and allowed me to understand, that a job is a way to refine your skills to be more productive and to gain valuable exposure to your potential.

When you focus on fulfillment instead of just getting money, then work becomes a reward.

To further reiterate; the focus of a job doesn’t have to be about money, but the fulfillment of helping humanity.

As a young person, it is necessary to gain insights into what you want to become, so that when you find a job, or a career you connect with it on a level of your abilities, personality, skills, and strengths.

Most of the jobs I chose came based on just the experiences I gained which is why I remain stuck in this cycle. 

Never did I thought of taking a suitable position that adds value to others and brings about fulfillment in my life.

Take action

Here is an excellent resource to get you started…

The book Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type” helped clarify my personality type, strengths, and weakness according to work-related personality. I found this information fun, inspiring and informative.

Give it a read, it is a good starting point in the right direction for what you want to do with your life.

For the last example of the consequences I faced, I never pursued the state of singleness as separate, unique, and whole.

I will further explain in my next post.

Talk to you soon!

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