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The Five Most Important Questions of Life-Part 3

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Wow! Thanks for spending your time with me as we further discuss these vital questions. 

Let’s keep moving on to the remaining two questions, which are What can I do? And Where am I going?

What Can I Do?

This question has to do with your potential power within you to do something or act upon it, which activates your Potential.

What is Potential?

According to Merriam-Webster, potential is:

Having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future.

In other words, what you have thought of doing but never done it? Or what you could’ve achieved, but have not yet done?

The part you have not completed is the potential you have not used or exposed.

Understanding the potential principle 

Coming into awareness of your potential is extremely important because you are discovering the hidden treasures trapped inside of you; in the form of gifts, talents, abilities, and skills so that you can initiate your destiny.

 treasure of life: gift and talents, passion, ideas, dreams, and abilities

Some people refer to potential as superpowers that lay dormant inside until you activate it by taking the initiative to do something with it.

To better understand potential, let’s look at nature itself. The Creator/Source gave plants the ability to reproduce after their own kind (from a seed).

The Originator gave the plant built-in instructions on how to come out (grow) from the seed. That Potential!!!

Knowing that the seed is equipped to do just that (grow), its potential is activated and used.

Another example is with a bird, the bird has flight built into it so, the ability “to fly” is something that the bird can initiate and do.

I found the principle of potential fascinating because I never heard it told this way. I mean, in the context of nature.

The potential that is in us as humans are limitless so activate them and do good in this world.

You can read more on this question in the book “Understanding your Potential.” by Dr. Myles Munroe

Where am I going?

Now that we have gone through four of the question that impacted my life and the decision I make every day, I now want to share with you the last and final question: Where am I going?

This question has to do with a Vision; a vision of your destiny.

I am not talking about what you see with your physical eyes or your surrounding area but the images or pictures you see within your daydreams or thoughts.

Vision allows you to see your potential in action and gives you an intentional expectation of life.

The vision you capture determines your detailed road map to get you where you are going, which ultimately is your future.

To better explain Vision

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There was a story I read in The Principle and Power of Vision by Dr. Munroe that I just so fell in love with, and it helped me understand the concept of Vision.

Dr. Munroe talks about a little girl traveling on a cruise ship with her father, and as the father stood on the deck, looking out into the sea, the little girl was unable to see what her father was observing.

So, she began standing on her tiptoe and said to her father, “I can’t see anything.” her father immediately picked her up and put her on his shoulder.

Now that she was higher than everyone else on that deck, she could now see everything around her. And out of pure excitement, she said, “Daddy, I can see farther than my eyes can look.” 

Don’t read that last part too fast; perhaps read it again but slowly.

“Daddy, I can see farther than my eyes can look.” 

Seeing farther implies she is seeing much greater than what is presented in front of her.

I love this story, it inspired me 100%.

Dr. Munroe further explains that…

The little girl’s statement was capturing the essence of vision: the ability to see farther than our physical eyes can look- to see not just what is, but also what can be and to make it a reality.” (Munroe,1991, p.g17)

Understanding and finding your Vision

I was amazed when I learned that my purpose is the source of my vision. In this case, it is vital to discover your purpose so that your vision is illuminated, which can form a plan of action.

Life is the way you see it, so let’s start seeing it for what it really is which is bringing our imagination, inspiration, and possibilities into reality.

Becoming aware of my purpose allowed me to see (vision) how I could create and carry out the thoughts and ideas I keep in my mind. The necessary steps (goals) I set for myself are allowing me to bring them into reality.

To find your vision is to realize it’s hidden in the deepest depth of your subconscious mind.

One of the indicators is your most persistent thoughts and desires.

Having the awareness triggers your thoughts to want to take your dream from an idea to fulfilling it into reality.

Let’s start by answering some questions that will help uncover those deep-rooted ideas and plans, that lay dormant within your mind.

Take Action Now!

Grab a Journal and take 30 minutes of your day to ponder on these prompt questions.

What is your Dream?

Have you been putting them off lately?

What have you always imagined yourself doing?

Think about your primary abilities (gifts and talents)

See ya in the next post!

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